12 nov 2019

Financial support

Danish Composers' Society has two pools , you can apply for financial support from:

Komponistmidlerne (Composer funds)

  • Working grant
  • Travel grant
  • Mentorship

Produktionspuljen (Production Pool) 

  • Production costs (including strategic audience development)
  • Commission fees

Both pools support composers and projects within art music - score music, sound art, experimental electronic music and related genres.

Where as Komponistmidlerne supports the composers' individual professional purposes within contemporary art music and soundart, the Produktionspulje supports contemporary music in the Danish and international music scene in general (ensembles, festivals etc.).

Who can apply?

To apply Komponistmidlerne you must be a member of Koda. Produktionspuljen is open to both members of Koda and players in the music scene in general.

Who allocates the money?

Both pools are allocated by the Danish Composers' Society's allocation council. Members of the council are elected at the association's general meeting. At present, Peter Bruun (chairman), Marianne Bech, Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen, Morten Riis, Ane Østergaard, Rikke Frisk, and Filip Melo.

Where does the money come from?

Money from the artists' own copyrights finances the two pools. Every time music users pay a Danish crown to Koda for the right to use music,10 øre go back to the Danish music scene as support for cultural music purposes.