Production pool

Produktionspuljen (Production pool) supports outreach initiatives for contemporary music concerts, festivals, CD, DVD, book publications, holding debut concert, educational projects, etc. With these funds, the society aims to strengthen and streamline its support for the entire new music environment.

Who can apply?

Produktionspuljen is open to all artists who work on projects that fall within the pool's objective description - both members of the Danish Composers´ Society, Koda, and musicians, ensembles , concert promoters , producers , festivals etc. can apply.

The purpose of the pool?

The purpose of the Production pool is to promote and support contemporary music and sound art and related genres in the Danish and international music scene.

Supports projects in all the many different types of contemporary music in their own premises: acoustic chamber music, orchestral music, electroacoustic music, electronica, musicdrama, multimedia, sound art, crossover, church music, vocal music and experimental music for and with children and young people.

It further aims to contribute to strengthening the public and artistic impact of projects through demands for a professional PR effort in the supported projects.

Apply for commission fees

It is possible to apply for support for commissioning new Danish art music, sound art and related genres.

  • Commission fees must be applied for by the person/ensemble commissioning the work
  • If applied for both commission fee and production of the same project, these must be applied for separately. The commission fee for the composer must be included as an expense item in the total production budget.
  • A composer can obtain more than one commission fee per year
  • The fee is paid when documentation is submitted to the secretariat in the form of an audio file and / or score. The amount is paid directly to the composer.

Support will be granted on condition that there is an agreement between the commissioner and the composer. Danish Composers' Society also calls on commissioners to co-finance the composer's fee.

What areas are considered in the assessment phase?

  • The project on its own merits must appear artistically worked
  • The project's general music cultural significance, minus its ability to create awareness and stimulate concert environment in its area.
  • The project's potential impact.

It is also important that funding is fairly allocated between the various musical expressions that are represented in the Danish Composers' Society. Furthermore it is important that the projects are carried out with professional and effective communication and public relations.

Application form

Since it is not possible to accommodate all requests, it is important that your application is as complete and detailed as possible with an overall budget as well as information on the other funds that have been applied for so that the Distribution Board may conduct a fair assessment of.

  • Application (pdf)
  • Budget and financing plan must be attached (pdf)
  • Sound file and CV is mandatory when applying for commission fees and CD/LP/digital releases.
  • CV max 1 page (pdf)
  • 1-3 sound files (mp3/mp4)

For applications for CD production please remember information in regard to works, playing, instrumental and production company(s).

When you have been supported

After receiving financial support from the Production pool, it is a condition of the grant that both the Danish Composers' Society and Koda are credited in concert programs , posters , websites , CD covers and booklets in the following terms:

"with support from KODA Culture"
Find logo here


How are the funds granted?

The funds are granted as a guarantee in case of deficiency. This means that your revenue from the project must not exceed your expenses. The funds granted must be used in accordance with the information contained in the application.

If you wish to change the use of funds, this requires permission from the Distribution Council. The grant will lapse automatically if the project requested is not completed within 2 years, unless a separate agreement has been reached.

It is a requirement to submit final accounts for the project before the payment can take place.


All grants are published here on this website. Refusals are not published.