6 maj 2021

Komponistkoncert - Curious chamberplayers

Mandag d. 10. maj gæster det anerkendte svenske ny-musik ensemble, Curious Chamber Players, Musikhuset i Aarhus hvor de vil opføre to nye værker af komponisterne  Matthew Grouse og Noemi Schrader.

Om programmet

ctrl+Y – Matthew Grouse – duration: ca.35’
ctrl+Y continues my interest in composing with sounds, objects and behaviours from everyday life, as well as incorporating documentary techniques into my music. With the opportunity to write for CCP, I’ve been able to develop these ideas over a larger-scale form. The piece is written for 4 performers typing at computer keyboards, playing instruments (flute, guitar, sampler keyboard and percussion) and vocalising. Over the course of the piece, each performer’s typing triggers various electronic processes, synthesised sound and recorded audio. I’m both interested in highlighting the inherent musicality in something as quotidian as typing, whilst also playing with the de-familiarisation of everyday experience.

Catalogue I – Noemi Schrader – duration: ca.30’
a space surrounded by a curtain

a language a country collected in poems that will emerge for a while, wander around and disappear again… an urge to communicate through the voice of a human a marble an electric impulse