10 maj 2023

How to become a member

Danish Composers' Society is an association for composers and sound artists who work uncompromisingly with music and sound as an artistic medium, and who are driven by curiosity, courage and border search.

The members today range from classical score composers to creators of audiovisual works, live performance, electronica and sound art, and as a member you become part of a unique artistic community that runs across generations and genres.
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In order to apply for admission to the Danish Composer's Society, you must be able to document that you:

  • are an independent author of some / a significant number of works
  • that several of these works have been publicly performed
  • are a member of Koda (note that it is NOT possible to be a member of several author organisations at once)


Applications for membership of the Danish Composers' Society are submitted electronically (e.g. via services like Dropbox or WeTransfer) and should include:

  • your reasons for applying for admission to the association
  • a brief description of your background and artistic ambitions as a professional composer going forward
  • 4-6 of your works of recent date. The works must be documented in the form of scores (preferably with accompanying audio file), or as audio and / or video file. (The audio files must be submitted as mp3 files or there should be direct links to the work).

If the application does not meet the above requirements for the submitted material, the committee can not take a qualified position for your work. Therefore, read the list through and double check if you have it all before submitting your application.


The application is processed by the Danish Composers' Society's admissions committee, which currently consists of Toke Odin, Allan Gravgaard Madsen, Maria Højlund og Birgitte Alsted. They will put an emphasis on:

  • your motivation for applying for admittance to the association
  • the submitted works show an independent artistic expression
  • mastery of the presented media and idioms
  • number of public performances at a professional level
  • other criteria that the committee may wish to decide on

Applicant genre or artistic-aesthetic leanings are irrelevant to the assessment. Emphasis is on an assessment of overall professional competence. All admission applications are forwarded to the Danish Composers' Society Board that makes the final decision on admission.