Support objectives

Komponistmidlerne / Composer Funds support:


Members who wish to immerse themselves in a specific project or complete a major work can apply for a working grant. The application must be accompanied by a clear and detailed project description, with relevant enclosures where possible. A working grant is at least 20.000 DKK and can be obtained once a year. Application for a working grant should not include a budget.

Travel assistance

You can apply for funding for documented travel expenses concerning your own travel in connection with:

  • premieres and rehearsals at home / and abroad
  • work performances at festivals or major concert events
  • active participation in the composer workshops and similar event
  • study tours and stays

Travel support will be provided for the cheapest mode of public transport. If there is justified reasoning that you must use your own car, you could receive a mileage allowance of around 1.90 DKK per kilometer.

You can also apply for sustenance grants (currently 200 DKK per day) and hotel or other suitable accommodation (currently 700 DKK per night). These allowances may be granted without supporting documentation.

Travel expenses on fx. musicians a.o must be applied in the production pool as a production expense.

Parts extraction

Applicants may apply for funding per printed music page (B4, 12) these may be supported by 50% of the actual cost of parts extraction by Danish Music Copyist Association tariffs to a maximum of 15,000 DKK per piece of work.

These are granted for documented expenses and paid only after a copy of the invoice and/or receipt has been submitted to the Danish Composers' Society’s office. No grant may be awarded to composers who print their own works.

It is possible to enter into an agreement with Edition · S to print and bind at an advantageous price. Composers who already have a publishing agreement with Edition · S will have the remaining printing costs covered.

Composition related software / production related equipment

Applicants may apply for grants towards:

  • computer programs that are needed for your work as a composer, including professional music notation programs (e.g. . . Sibelius or Finale)
  • composition and / or audio editing software and software for running interactive works (Max / msp, Protools, etc.)
  • the installation of special equipment based on a specific production ; the application must clearly indicate for what purpose the equipment is to be used

There will be no funding for the purchase of computers, laptops, camcorders or projectors.

The Distribution Council can decide to grant full , partial or no support for a given application. It is therefore essential for the Council's position that the application accurately describes the professional needs.

Mentor course

As a member of the Danish Composers' Society you can apply for professional and artistic development with other composers, artists or people with other relevant skills at a high level (mentor).

Based on an approved application for a mentor program you may be granted a scholarship of 5000 DKK. This amount is paid to your mentor following each course.

A mentor relationship is primarily based on commitment from both sides, mutual interest and good chemistry. It is an opportunity to find new inspiration if you want to change tracks or desire to learn new compositional techniques or technical skills.