25 nov 2019

Frankenstein´s Lab 2020

Do you have something to share at the lab?

Now you can join in with Frankenstein´s Lab if you have a project you want to share with colleges.

Frankenstein´s Lab is an open experimental forum in which composers (and other performers/artists) can share, try out and discuss ideas/sketches/projects. 

If you're interested in taking part send an email to:
Jexper Holmen, Rudiger Meyer or Katrine Dal who can also be reached on (+45) 33135405.

There are 3 - 4 presentation slots each evening. Each slot consists of 20 minutes presentation followed by 20 minutes feedback/discussion. If those present are in the mood for it the evening might be rounded off by an improvisation session.

Presentations are mostly by local creators with a slot reserved for international guests. English has been a convenient common language but Danish is of course completely welcome, should that be more comfortable means of expression.

There is always a moderator present to make introductions and lead the discussion session.

Join Frankensteins´ arranging team

Frankensteins Labs team consists of: Jexper Holmen, Rudiger Meyer og Katrine Gregersen Dal. Would you like to participate and plan 2020 please write us, we need a couple of good people. 

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