1 mar 2022

ECSA stands in solidarity with Ukraine

ECSA stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, Ukraine’s creators and all those who are suffering from this dangerous war and attack on democracy. We call on our members and all organisations in the cultural sector to stand united in calling for peace and support for all those affected. We call on European leaders to do everything in their power to assist Ukraine in these dark times. The European and international communities must respond universally to safeguard freedom, peace and self-determination for the Ukrainian people. 

Let our European values prevail and let us continue to promote peaceful co-operation, mutual understanding, and tolerance across borders.
ECSA's President, Helienne Lindvall said: 

"History tells us that dictators who seek to control the narrative and quash dissent target those who exercise their human right to freedom of expression and freedom to assemble, rights that are vital for all creators. This is why we must also stand united with the Russian creators and those protesting on the streets of Russia, who have the courage to speak truth to power by demanding peace and urging an end to the violence. We who have this freedom of expression must now use it to protect and defend those who don't – and those who are at grave risk of losing it."