20 dec 2018


Fellowship Programme for composers 14-19 May 2019, Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

In collaboration with ECSA, Dutch Composers Association Nieuw Geneco will host the new Classical NEXT Fellowship Programme for Composers. The Programme gives composers a chance to take part in the international platform for exchange, debate & collaboration Classical:NEXT provides.

Each composer is paired with a Classical:NEXT-insider, who will introduce the composers to the community (and vice versa), bringing them into personal contact with relevant individuals and organizations as well as exchanging knowledge. A team of music professionals (publishers, programmers of venues, festivals) will do the matchmaking.

The CNEXT Composers Programme offers:

  • Registration for Classical:NEXT, including all events, trade fair, conferences, showcases and incl. coffee/tea and lunch
  • Composers Meeting at CNEXT
  • Connection to music professional and CNEXT insiders
  • Matchmaking and speed date sessions
  • Friday Network reception at Codarts Music University (next door)
  • Composers Pool for Conferences; we will send the bio’s to relevant conference makers. From this versatile pool of composers present, the chairs of the various conferences can pick relevant panellists.


  • registration for Classical:NEXT, we can offer you the network rate of 260 EUR excl, VAT. Untill March 1st.
  • travel expenses
  • stay in the Netherlands*

* We will send out a call to our composers living in Amsterdam/Rotterdam, who can offer a place to stay.


We ask participating Composers Organisations to take care of their own funding. Check your Collecting Society, Music Info Center or Export Office.

As a host, Nieuw Geneco and Buma/Stemra are taking care of the local hosting costs, Composers'meetings and network events, as well as the Friday Network Reception.