11 nov 2019

Children, new audiences, and political work

Danish Composers' Society initiates and supports projects that help contemporary music to reach a wider audience.

It can be festivals, fundraising, establishment of professional forums and knowledge sharing, preservation of heritage, networks in and outside of Denmark with music organizations, ensembles, performing rights organizations, festivals, concert venues and in the music education field.

Educational work

Educational work with contemporary art music involves a focus on the creative activity rather than craftsmanship. Danish Society of Composers contributes in different ways to the diversity of music educational programs, for instance by offering workshops for children with some of our members making compositions, soundscapes or even funny instruments with the children.

Danish Composers' Society has also taken the initiative to a whole seria of teaching materials such as Fem spor i ny dansk musik (Five tracks in contemporary Danish music), I danske komponisters værksteder (In Danish composers' workshops) and Soundmap.

New music : New audiences

New music : New audiences - also known as NewAud - was a large-scale European cultural project hosted by Danish Composers’ Society from 2012-2014. The project brought together 47 music organizations in 18 European countries in a unique cooperation to develop new ways of presenting contemporary classical music to a new audience.

European music ensembles, orchestras, composers associations and music information centers cooperated in various formations across borders. Through workshops, idea exchanges and testing of new concert forms across national borders a series of unique concerts have taken place all over Europe since the summer of 2013.

The huge amount of knowledge and experience gathered during the project period is available to everyone on the NewAud website.

International and political work

Danish Composers' Society has taken a leading role in creating new types of networks and we are actively contributing to a new and more effective international structure that ensures maximum influence to the voice of contemporary music within the international, political and organizational environment.

We do that through projects like the abovementioned New Music:New Audiences, but also on a more political basis through ECSA – the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance - together with our sister organizations Danish Songwriters Guild and DJBFA - Composers and Songwriters.

In that context the North takes on a special role. Danish Composers’ Society works closely with its Nordic sister organizations on policy, lobbying, member services and not least the festival Nordic Music Days. One of the oldest music festivals in the world - established and run continuously since 1888. The Nordic Composers Council manages the festival, and the national composers societies in the different Nordic countries take turns arranging it.